Cancel and Restart an Async Task in Unity
by Tommy Leung on March 7th, 2020

If you've been migrating from coroutines to async/await then you've likely had to cancel async tasks. The system of CancellationTokens adds some complexity and boilerate. We'll show you a method to deal with that in this article.

Simple SQLite in Unity for Android and iOS
by Tommy Leung on March 4th, 2020

Many have and continue to suffer for days or weeks trying to integrate SQLite in Unity for Android and iOS. Save time and frustration with this open-source library!

Read a Unity TextAsset Line by Line
by Tommy Leung on February 26th, 2020

You cannot read a Unity TextAsset line-by-line like you can with traditional files in C#. We discuss a couple of options in this article including a dead simple string split.

3 Server Side Options to Store User Data for a Unity Game
by Tommy Leung on February 21st, 2020

Modern games need to store data on a server to allow players to play on multiple devices. In this artice, we look at 3 backend server options to store user data from Unity.

HTTP Basic Authentication with UnityWebRequest
by Tommy Leung on February 16th, 2020

Making a web request secured by Basic Authentication with UnityWebRequest is easy once you know the formatting and encoding. This article provides a full example.

Use Async/Await to Simplify Asynchronous Logic in Unity
by Tommy Leung on February 6th, 2020

Async/await syntax can be used to replace coroutines in an efficient way with UniTask. Start writing more readable, modern C# with this quick guide to async/await in Unity.