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Practical techniques for developing games in Unity


At SmartGameDev we share practical techniques for developing games with Unity.

Complete beginners aiming to learn to code through Unity should look elsewhere. There are many great resources on YouTube and Unity's website.

Our content is focused on development techniques and strategies for developers working on games that are shipped or will be shipped. If you are an indie developer, an engineer at a studio, or building a game as a side-hustle then you are in the right place!

Articles will discuss topics like application architecture strategies, programming paradigms, server side systems and technologies to deliver Asset Bundles, live-ops/services, analytics, ad attribution, deployments, and more that developers of shipped games have to deal with.

About the Author


Hi! I'm Tommy Leung. 👋

I was previously Senior Engineering Manager at Zynga working on a casual social game for iOS, Android, Kindle, and Facebook. We handled tens of thousands of requests per minute during peak hours and pioneered live-ops/services before it became standard in social games.

I've shared some of what we learned doing live-ops in this semi-popular Medium article.

Some kids dream of being astronauts, zookeepers, or movie stars. I just wanted to make games ever since I played Super Mario Bros on my Aunt's Nintendo.

The path to a career in games was filled with obstacles but many talented and generous people helped me along the way including co-creator of the arcade hit: Killer Queen.

I want to pay it forward with SmartGameDev and share what I've learned and continue to learn about the profession of game development.

I've shipped countless games in over a decade but there is much more I don't know. My assumption is that I know next to nothing 😅 so I'm always learning.

Hopefully you'll learn something that helps put a smile on someone's face.

At the end of the day that's why we make games, right? 🤗